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Organic Punarnava Powder

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Organic Punarnava Powder - Boerhaavia diffusa

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Product Information


Organic Punarnava Powder - Boerhaavia diffusa

Additional Information

Item Code Brand Pack Size Specialty
3156 Gopala Ayurveda 100gm Organic

Organic Punarnava Powder - Gopala Ayurveda - 100% Certified Organic by USDA

PUNARNAVA literally means the plant that makes one new again and has a special power to renew our health and vitality. It rebuilds the blood and strengthens the kidneys, improving their function and through revitalizing this key organ, aids in our overall health and vitality. Punarnava is particularly good for conditions of weal kidney function leading to water retention and edema. As a tonifying diuretic it is often combined with Gokshura.

Literally meaning in Sanskrit "the one that renews", Punarnava is well known in Ayurveda for its health promoting qualities. It is one of the best herbs for balancing and rejuvenating kapha and is an ingredient in most traditional kapha-reducing formulas. Punarnava is used to support proper function of the heart, liver and kidneys and to promote comfortable movement of the joints for those with kapha constitutions and imbalances. It promotes healthy weight management especially when one is prone toward easily gaining weight rather than losing it. Punarnava also supports the healthy elimination of urine and comfortable fluid levels in the tissues.

Punarnava gives flowers and fruits in rainy season. It has two varieties as described in ayurvedic text i.e white and red variety of Punarnava.one more variety i.e blue Punarnava can also be found as mentioned in other ayurvedic text named rajnighantu. It has been mentioned in the ayurvedic text that the white Punarnava variety is what we commonly call Punarnava i.e boerhaavia diffusa and the red Punarnava variety is Trianthema portulacastrum which is generally used to adultrate Punarnava roots. Thus white Punarnava is basically used for the medicinal purpose. The white variety of Punarnava works as all the three dosha (vata, pitta and kapha) shamak i.e. it suppresses all the three aggravated doshas whereas the red Punarnava variety aggravates the vata dosha and suppresses the pitta dosha. As a whole both the varieties of punaranava are laghu(light) and ruksha(dry) in properties. Punarnava also known by the botanical name of red hogweed is a very effective diuretic It works very well on the urinary system and it targets directly the damaged nephrons(kidney’s basic functional unit) which get damaged specially in cases of high blood sugar level i.e in diabetic people. Punarnava speeds up the filtration process of kidneys and flushes out the excessive fluids and other waste products Punarnava is very effective in treating obesity thus it is a very important ingredient for a variety of patent Ayurvedic medicines used to treat obesity. It also acts as anti-inflammatory drug. It is good for respiratory problems as well as it acts on the kapha dosha and thus suppresses the mucous formation. Thus Punarnava forms an integral part of many ayurvedic medicines that helps curing asthma, dysnoea and other breathing problems as it helps in the removal of mucus from the bronchial tubes. In conditions like pneumonia or dysnoea(difficulty in breathing) Punarnava is given along with Vacha(another Ayurvedic herb) As Punarnava works as a diuretic it can cure the conditions like Anasarca( i.e generalized body swelling). It can even be used in serious conditions like congestive cardiac problems. One of the Ayurvedic preparation that is used to treat anemia i.e. Punarnava mandoor has purnanava as an integral part .This preparation is used to increase the Hb levels in the body and thus cures iron deficiency anaemia. Punarnava along with other ayurvedic herbs as Rasna, Shunthi etc is used to treat swelling in conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. In such cases rasna works as analgesic, shunthi works as amahar i.e. does detoxification and Punarnava relieves the swelling. Punarnava works as a very good tonic as well in general debilities cases. It works as rasayana for the body as it rejuvenates the body by cleansing it with its unique property of flushing out the mala(toxins) from the dhatus(body tissues), balances the doshas and opening and nourishing the various body channels so that each and every tissue and cell of the body gets proper nutrition and keeps the body fit and fine. Punaranava is a very good nerve rejuvenator and it is given in cases of sciatica or nervous weakness or even paralysis condition. Externally also it is used for various purposes as in various panchkarma procedures like swedan( fomentation) where Punarnava roots mainly and punaranva plant as a whole is used to relive pain and swelling. When Punarnava is used in enemas it works as a purgative and treats flatulence. It works as a mild laxative and it enhances the appetite thus can be given in various gastric troubles including constipation which is a most common trouble faced by people these days. Punarnava can even be used to treat jaundice. It can be given in cases where intoxication due to serpent and rat bites has occurred. Sometimes fresh root juice of Punarnava is put into eyes so as to get relief from various eye ailments like night blindness and conjunctivitis. Paste made from Punarnava roots is applied on the injured wounds as it helps drying up the oozing out of that wound. Also Punarnava can be used as in the form of dressing for various swellings or ulcers. Punarnava is also helpful for many skin disorders. Punarnava is very effective in treating disease like dropsy which is a condition where excess of fluid gets accumulated in the tissues and cavities of the body, Punarnava can also be used to treat ascetic where fluid gets accumulated in abdominal cavity. Mainly it treats the ascitis which is caused due to some liver disorder. According to ayurveda ascitis is described as jalodar roga where pradhan dosha is vata which blocks the channels of air within the body thus making the water gets accumulated in the peritoneal cavity of abdomen i.e. between muscles and abdominal skin. Punarnava comes in various ayurvedic preparations in the market as Punarnavaasav, Punarnava mandoor, Punarnava ambu, Punarnava guggulu, Punarnava ghrit etc. Sometimes Punarnava can be given alone in the form of swarasa. The dose of punaranava given to a particular patient depends on the condition of the disease and the type of preparation of punaranava prescribed.

Ayurvedic Energetics:

  • Rasa (taste): bitter, sweet
  • Virya (action): cooling
  • Vipaka (post-digestive effect): pungent
  • Doshas (constitutions): Balancing for all doshas especially kapha, may aggravate vata if used in excess.

Macroscopic identification: it is a trailing herb with stout rootstock and many diffused, slender, prostrate or ascending branches

Parts used: root, seed and whole plant

Pharmacological action: stomachic, laxative, diuretic, expectorant, diaphoretic and emetic. Root is purgative, anti helminthic and febrifuge. The active principle-punarnavine is a diuretic chiefly acting on the glomeruli of the kidney through the heart, increasing the beats and strength and raising the peripheral blood pressure. On the cells of the tubules it exerts little or no action. On liver the action is secondary.

Action and uses in Ayurveda:

  • Sopha
  • Pandu
  • Hrdroga
  • Kasa
  • Arsa
  • Vrana
  • Urahksatsula
  • Sotha


  • (Chronic) Alcoholism
  • Asthma
  • Edema
  • Eye diseases
  • Heart disease
  • Hemorrhoids insomnia
  • Jaundice
  • Kidney stones
  • Nervous system
  • Disorders rat and snake bites
  • Rheumatism
  • Skin diseases
  • Urethritis
  • Wasting diseases

Photochemical: the air-dried plant was found to contain unusually large quantity of potassium nitrate. This accounts for the diuretic property of the plant. Besides potassium nitrate there lies an active principle, an alkaloid (0.01%). the alkaloid or punarnavine contains sulphate, chlorides, nitrates and chlorates.

Properties and action:

  • Rasa: tikta, kasaya, katu, madhura
  • Guna: laghu, ruksha, sita, sara
  • Virya: usna
  • Vipaka: madhura
  • Karma: mutrvirechney 

Ingredients: each 10g of powder contains : Punarnava* (Boerhaavia diffusa) 10g - Certified Organically grown!

Suggested Use: Adults, 1 or 2g twice daily before meals with honey, ghee or warm water. Or as advised by your health practitioner.


Product Details:

  • Item specifics - Herbs And Botanicals
  • Type: Herbal Food Supplement
  • Suitable For:- Vegetarians
  • Product: Gopala Punarnava Powder
  • Supply: 30 Days (250g Powder)
  • Treatment: Natural Diuretic
  • Use-By Date: 2 Year from MFG Date
  • Product Form: Powder
  • Condition: New & Sealed in a Zip Lock Pouch
  • Brand: Gopala Ayurveda


♥ No Heavy Metals.
♥ No Added Artificial Flavours.
♥ No Chemical preservatives.
♥ No Pesticides.
♥ No genetically Modified Crop Material used.
♥ Made with Pure Certified Organic Herb. Gopala Organic Products uses only whole herbs, not extracts, so that the herb components are assimilated by the body like food.
♥ Herbs Certified Pure Organic by LACON GmbH - Germany, USDA and India Organics. All herbs are produced in accordance with NPOP standards, NOP (USDA) and EC Regulations.
♥ Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. No additives of any kind. No Animal Product. No Heavy Metals. No Pesticides. No Chemical Preservatives. No Artificial Flavours. No Artificial Colours. No Genetically Modified Crop Material. No Parabens, No Synthetic Fragrances. No Dairy. No Sugar. No Corn. No Soya. No Gelatin.
♥ Herbal Dietary Supplement. Pure, Organic, Unprocessed, Dried powdered herb in vegetarian capsule. Packed in air-tight container to maintain aroma and freshness.
♥ All Gopala Products are made in accordance with strict quality standards at GMP certified units to ensure complete safety and efficacy. All certified organic herbs come from the jungle farms in South India where expert Ayurvedic herbalists ensure that they are harvested at the optimal time using the proper techniques and sustainable method of farming.

*These Statements have not evaluate by the food and drug administration. This product is an "Herbal Food Supplement"and is not intended to diagnose,treat, cure or prevent any disease.

About Gopala Ayurveda

The Hindi meaning Gopala is ‘The Nurturer of the Cow’. The cow is an auspicious blessing from Mother Earth for the good of all humankind. They who care for the blessings which our Mother has given us, care for the Mother herself. It is through this care that the bountiful provision which is our inheritance is enjoyed, preserved and multiplied for ourselves, our children and generations to come. This is our deepest desire and purpose: that all humanity may have life and have it more fully. Our name in every way reflects this desire and the means by which we propose to pursue it. It is for this reason that we use only 100% organically grown, harvested, and processed herbs in our products, support sustainable economics, and endeavor to continue the millennia old tradition of natural and holistic science.

The roots of Gopala Ayurveda reach deep into the rich and ancient naturopathic tradition of Ayurveda. Utilizing the wisdom of this four thousand year old science with the technological potential of modern science we render these ancient formulations in a potent form, all the while maintaining faithful adherence to the formulae and therapies of the ancient texts. To this end, we have spearheaded research to develop Ayurveda’s vast herbal tradition into a comprehensive range of products to support healthiest and longest lives for our customers. These products have been met with warm reception in medical communities all over the world, and continue to serve the personal and healthcare needs of all parts of humanity.

Gopala is a pioneer in purely organic ayurvedic supplements, herbs, and oils. We promote healthy foods and nutritional products, and despite utilizing the benefits of modern science and technology, we train a strict eye on all stages of development and processing to be sure that our products do not suffer contact with any toxic or synthetic chemicals. Since the birth of this project, we have focused on the development of safe and effective remedies that will help people lead richer and healthier lives.

Gopala is not simply organic, which means to be free from any chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial additives, preservatives, and heavy metals, but we are 100% Certified Organic, meaning that the customer has the added security of the USDA regulatory action which requires that all ingredients in all products be traceable through their processing history and to the place of origin. Consequently, the consumer may know both exactly where and when each herb came from and the circumstances surrounding this journey to their hands. Gopala is unique in this regard. Other manufacturers, having claimed proprietary rights to ancient formulae have taken the liberties of enhancing these revered concoctions with preservatives, synthetic substitutes, and more. We, however, continue this venerable tradition as it has been maintained for thousands of years, in the sole interest of a whole and healthy life.

We at Gopala Ayurveda invite you to browse our website’s many products and informative articles and Allow us to serve you and your community with the bounty of Mother Nature!

Many Blessings for Health and Happiness,


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