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Guduchi Capsules

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Item Code Brand Pack Size Main Ingredient Specialty
2785 Gopala Ayurveda 108 Vegetarian Capsules Guduchi Organic

Guduchi Capsules (Certified Organic by USDA, Control Union and India Organic)

Sanskrit Name: Guduchi, Amrita (Ambrosia)
English Name: Heartleaf Moonseed
Botanical Name: Tinospora cordifolia
Part Used: Stem and root, powdered bitter starchy extract
Ayurvedic Energetics: V- P- K=

Guduchi is traditionally used to improve the immune system and the body’s resistance to infections. It is also an effective immuno-stimulant. Guduchi increases the killing ability of macrophages, the immune cells responsible for fighting invaders.

Guduchi is one of the most valued herbs in the Ayurveda, which is why authors of the ancient Ayurvedic texts called it "Amrit" or "Divine Nectar".  A powerful nutritive tonic, guduchi is one of the best herbs for balancing vata and pitta.

Health Benefits:

Allergies and symptoms of hay fever
Arthritis and inflammation
Chronic skin disorders such as psoriasis or eczema
Gout and rheumatic disorders
Hepatitis and jaundice (helps protect the liver from exposure to toxins)
Immune system enhancement
Preventing colds and flu
Reducing the side effects of chemotherapy drugs

Guduchi is a rejuvenative for Pitta and powerful nutritive herb to take during recovery periods from fevers or infectious diseases. Its hot nature is anti-Ama, not Pitta aggravating and destroys toxins without aggravating heat or fire in the body. Guduchi, like Ashwagandha and Shatavari, is an excellent tonic for the immune system, and therefore one of the best herbs for poor immune function. It is particularly important for countering chronic low grade fevers or difficult to treat viral infections, such as many people today suffer from. It increases our positive energy in conditions of debility like chronic fatigue syndrome.

As a Dietary Supplement : Guduchi helps to maintain healthy body temperature, blood sugar and blood pressure levels. Guduchi's anti-bacterial properties enhance the build up of the immune resistance in the body. Due to this immune boosting ability, it aids in helping to fight various deteriorating ill health conditions of the body. As a rejuvenate tonic, Guduchi, helps to enhance the function of protective cells called Macrophages. Guduchi is a cooling herb in nature very useful in chronic fevers, excessive heat and blood purification.

According to Ayurveda : Guduchi is a cool and bitter tonic with diuretic, hypoglycemic, antibacterial, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, anti-allergic, analgesic, hepato-protective and blood urea reducing properties. Guduchi helps to balance the metabolism and immune system. This herb is used in seminal weakness and urinary affections. It is useful in chronic diarrhea and to remove urinary stones (calculi), jaundice, torpidity of the liver, and skin problems. Guduchi is a strong blood purifier and it is also being proposed for cancer patients before and after chemotherapy.

Guduchi is one of the rare Ayurvedic herbs that is both heating and cleansing. This rare combination of qualities gives it a range of unique and powerful effects. Although, it is primarily used to treat fevers and infectious diseases which have compromised the immune system, it has many qualities which are beneficial for a variety of situations. Guduchi herb is a potent detoxifier, immune supporter, and general aid for many chronic conditions.

The heating quality of Guduchi penetrates deep into the body and burns up the stagnate toxins known as Ama. These affects help the body to clear the subtle channels and vessels through which communication and essential fluids flow. This has the effect of supporting interaction between all cells of the body which encourages vitality and energy. Because of this, Guduchi is a powerful treatment for many chronic conditions which result from constriction and stagnation in the body, like chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic or intermittent fevers. It also enhances the immune system making it quite effective in the treatment of immune diseases like Epstein bar virus and AIDS.

Guduchi benefits fevers due to its heating energy. In the condition of a fever the body has pushed the internal heat to the surface of the body, which results in both a high temperature and a loss of appetite. Guduchi penetrates the body and heats it, stimulating the digestive and metabolic processes of all tissues which are compromised due to the fever. Fevers can often be caused by pathogenic infections, and Guduchi's benefits make it just the herb for such conditions. It has potent anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral effects that eliminate the root cause of such ailments. It does this, however, without aggravating Pitta, making it a great tonic for all manners of fevers, as it eliminates both potential causes and simultaneously enhancing the immune system. In fact it is even used as a tonic for Pitta, particularly for conditions of the liver like hepatitis and jaundice. Furthermore, this range of qualities has made it an effective aid against other manners of infection like bronchitis and tuberculosis and even more serious degenerative conditions like cancer and malaria.

The detoxifying benefits of Guduchi are well known. It is perhaps the best Ayurvedic herb for the clearing of the srotas, or subtle channels, particularly those of the brain. It restores mental ease and clarity that is often hard to come by for those who suffer from chronic fatigue and immune-deficient conditions. In addition to this, it helps to break down fat cells and prepare them for use by other tissues of the body, especially the bones and cartilage. Consequently, it is helpful for rheumatism and arthritis. In these ways it very thoroughly cleanses the body and mind.

Depending on the manner of administration, Guduchi can be a good tonic for any dosha. Taken with ghee it balances Vata, with jaggery it balances Pitta, and with honey it balances Kapha. It can be taken as an powder mixed with these, or in more complex ayurvedic formulations.

Guduchi Benefits and Uses:

  • Bitter tonic, very cleansing
  • Stops fevers
  • Cleans the blood, flushes the kidneys
  • Rejuvenates tissues and relieves rheumatism

Ingredients: each 500mg of vegetarian capsule contains: Guduchi* (Tinospora cordifolia) -500mg
* certified organically grown

Suggested Dosage: 2 Capsules twice daily

Contents: 108 Veg Capsules packed in a sealed light proof kraft paper pouch which is then placed into a cardboard box (ecologically friendly packaging).

Cruelty Free Certified Organic Product!

♥ No Heavy Metals.
♥ No Added Artificial Flavours.
♥ No Chemical preservatives.
♥ No Pesticides.
♥ No genetically Modified Crop Material used.
♥ Made with Pure Certified Organic Herb. Gopala Organic Products uses only whole herbs, not extracts, so that the herb components are assimilated by the body like food.
♥ Herbs Certified Pure Organic by LACON GmbH - Germany, USDA and India Organics. All herbs are produced in accordance with NPOP standards, NOP (USDA) and EC Regulations.
♥ Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans. No additives of any kind. No Animal Product. No Heavy Metals. No Pesticides. No Chemical Preservatives. No Artificial Flavours. No Artificial Colours. No Genetically Modified Crop Material. No Parabens, No Synthetic Fragrances. No Dairy. No Sugar. No Corn. No Soya. No Gelatin.
♥ 108 Vegetarian Capsules 500mg each. Herbal Dietary Supplement. Pure, Organic, Unprocessed, Dried powdered herb in vegetarian capsule. Packed in air-tight container to maintain aroma and freshness.
♥ All Gopala Products are made in accordance with strict quality standards at GMP certified units to ensure complete safety and efficacy. All certified organic herbs come from the jungle farms in South India where expert Ayurvedic herbalists ensure that they are harvested at the optimal time using the proper techniques and sustainable method of farming.


About Gopala Ayurveda:


The Hindi meaning Gopala is 'The Nurturer of the Cow'. The cow is an auspicious blessing from Mother Earth for the good of all humankind. They who care for the blessings which our Mother has given us, care for the Mother herself. It is through this care that the bountiful provision which is our inheritance is enjoyed, preserved and multiplied for ourselves, our children and generations to come. This is our deepest desire and purpose: that all humanity may have life and have it more fully. Our name in every way reflects this desire and the means by which we propose to pursue it. It is for this reason that we use only 100% organically grown, harvested, and processed herbs in our products, support sustainable economics, and endeavor to continue the millennia old tradition of natural and holistic science.

The roots of Gopala Ayurveda reach deep into the rich and ancient naturopathic tradition of Ayurveda. Utilizing the wisdom of this four thousand year old science with the technological potential of modern science we render these ancient formulations in a potent form, all the while maintaining faithful adherence to the formulae and therapies of the ancient texts. To this end, we have spearheaded research to develop Ayurveda's vast herbal tradition into a comprehensive range of products to support healthiest and longest lives for our customers. These products have been met with warm reception in medical communities all over the world, and continue to serve the personal and healthcare needs of all parts of humanity.

Gopala is a pioneer in purely organic ayurvedic supplements, herbs, and oils. We promote healthy foods and nutritional products, and despite utilizing the benefits of modern science and technology, we train a strict eye on all stages of development and processing to be sure that our products do not suffer contact with any toxic or synthetic chemicals. Since the birth of this project, we have focused on the development of safe and effective remedies that will help people lead richer and healthier lives.

Gopala is not simply organic, which means to be free from any chemicals, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial additives, preservatives, and heavy metals, but we are 100% Certified Organic, meaning that the customer has the added security of the USDA regulatory action which requires that all ingredients in all products be traceable through their processing history and to the place of origin. Consequently, the consumer may know both exactly where and when each herb came from and the circumstances surrounding this journey to their hands. Gopala is unique in this regard. Other manufacturers, having claimed proprietary rights to ancient formulae have taken the liberties of enhancing these revered concoctions with preservatives, synthetic substitutes, and more. We, however, continue this venerable tradition as it has been maintained for thousands of years, in the sole interest of a whole and healthy life.

We at Gopala Ayurveda invite you to browse our website's many products and informative articles and Allow us to serve you and your community with the bounty of Mother Nature!

Many Blessings for Health and Happiness,

Gopala Ayurveda.

? Thank you for supporting Nature and Biodiversity ?


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